Early 2018 news

PMAC news. Jan 2018

1. A big thankyou to Dennis for mowing the field between Christmas and new year. The area looks good but repeatedly covered with sheep poo. Raking and petrol blower needed before each flying session. I will spray the weeds and edges asap and on a windless day.

2. Dennis, Kevin, Louis, Greg and I laid the pavers in front of the clubhouse this morning. The synthetic turf will have to be replaced on the ramp into the shed. At least we won’t get the damp, rabbit diggings and dust any more and the shed floor should be a little cleaner in future. The paver edges were secured with crusher dust and cement. I couldn’t buy a small bag of cement, didn’t use it all so a half bag is available for $5.

3. The table in the covered area is falling apart and needs to be replaced. If you happen to know of or see a suitable outdoor table or external door for sale please either purchase it or let me know.

Coming events
Sun. Feb 11 Millenium cup. 2 m electric glider comp. Goulburn
Sun April 8. Millenium cup 2 m electric glider comp. Lake George

Sun. Feb or March. ACT electric glider comp. Lake George. No date set yet
Sun. May 13. ACT electric glider comp. Cooma
Sun Dec. 9. ACT electric glider comp. Goulburn

See you at the field