Club Update from Rick

Brief Jan news 2018

1. Dennis mowed the field again yesterday with some help from Louis. I have ordered a new seat for the mower which Warren will supply at a minimum price. Thanks Warren.
Louis and I also fitted wire netting to the shed so the rabbits cannot get underneath.
2. I think I can get a supply of treated pine, free of charge, which could be made into a work table at the clubhouse.

3. I will be away from Feb 23 till mar 17 so will probably miss the first round of ACT glider comp.

4. The sheep are no longer in the paddock. Hooray – no s..t !

5. We have a new member from the ACT. I know you will make Frank Byrne welcome

Coming events
Sun. Feb 11 Millenium cup 2 m electric glider comp. Goulburn
Sun. April. 8. Millenium cup. 2 m electric glider comp. Lake George
Sun. Feb or March. ACT electric glider comp . Rnd 1. Lake George. No date set yet
Sun. May 13. ACT electric glider comp. rnd 2. Cooma
Sun. Dec. 9. ACT. Electric glider comp. Rnd. 3. Goulburn

See you at the field