1. The 2 meter glider Millenium cup is run over 7 heats, each heat at a different club venue. The 2 closest heats are:-
Goulburn. 12 th February and Lake George. 9 th April.
I would like to attend both of these so if anyone is interested please let me know as I will probably have spare seats in the car. The 2 club gliders are available.

2. Belconnen MAC are running indoor flying again. It is held in the hockey center on Soward Way in Tuggeranong from 4.30 till 7.30
The dates are:-
4 th February, 4 th March, 18 th March, 8 th April, 29 th April,
20 th May and 10 th June
Adults $15, juniors free.
I would like to attend a couple of these also. Let me know if you are interested.

3. Our slope soaring is either on 19 th February or 19 th March.
Our electric/ glider day is on 9 th April.
I have notified ACT association and they will notify all the ACT

See you at the field

Club Update from Rick

PMAC January news 2017
1. The sheep are back in the paddock. If you arrive early it will probably be necessary to use the petrol blower on the pit area, taxiway and strips.
2. The club has purchased a 2nd hand Greenfields mower. Dennis and I collected it from the men’s shed today, took it to the field and mowed the whole area. It kept stopping but we cleaned the carby and retuned it and it then ran continuously afterwards. It also seems to be more economical than the old mower. It also needs a battery. I will leave starting instructions for the mower and blower in the little shed. I will also arrange to refurbish the seat.
3. We have a new member, Brian Roberts ( from Numeralla) and possibly another junior. Please make them welcome when you meet.
4. Burnum and Olo have almost finished their 3 m gliders and will be test flown very soon. Fred has improved markedly in the past few weeks and George has the Decathlon back together and working on the Cessna crop duster.
5. Thank you to Dennis who cleaned the toilet last week. The dust has been removed so ladies can use it more comfortably now.
6. I intend to finish laying the vinyl tiles in the next few weeks. I will let you know when, so if you could volunteer some time, I would be grateful.
7. We will attempt to go slope soaring soon. Please mark your diary for Sunday 19 th February and Sunday 19 th March as possible dates. We can decide later depending on wind direction.
I will set a date for a flying day at Bombala later.
8. Set Sunday 9 th April as an all electric and glider day. No engine powered aircraft allowed. I will send invitations to the ACT and Bega clubs to join us.
9. The next few months are our best flying weather so hope we can all get quite a bit of stick time in.
10. Perhaps, now we have spent some money on the mower etc, we should restart paying 50 c each time we have our morning cuppa!?m

See you at the field.

PMAC news, April, May June

PMAC news. April, May, June
1. I am back and hoping to get some winter flying done. I did fly once in an open paddock at Trepina gorge and with Graham Cooke at the Alice Springs field. I also flew with him in the Pilates PC 21 from Alice to Tennant Creek and return.
2. There is a new windsock thanks to Greg donating an old sail from his boat and Joy for the sewing. I have attached the sock to the rim and replaced it at the field. Hopefully this material will last much longer.
3. There are ewes and lambs in the paddock so please be sure the gate is closed.
4. I have received the fee structure of 2016/17. The MAAA have removed the $500 excess on any first insurance claim to $0. I have always kept this amount aside just in case of a claim. The club has $500 in its kitty so now we have $1000.
The fees for the next 12 months are:
Seniors who fly at the Cooma field $120
Seniors who fly elsewhere $110
Juniors $40
Associate members $5

These amounts will cover the ANSW member fees plus affiliation fee of $25 plus field lease of $220 pa.
Could you please pay these fees before the end of June, preferably in cash or cheque made out to Rick Harris.
Maintenance costs can be taken out of our existing funds. This includes fuel and oil for the mower and blower, tea, coffee and sugar and any other costs that may arise.
5. We will have an AGM at the field on Sunday 19 th June to elect president and sec/treas. I am happy to continue and Dennis should be back by then.
6. This newsletter will appear on our club website so I think in future I will not send it to individual email addresses. But I will print a copy for those members who don’t have an email account.

See you at the field

Club Update from Rick

PMAC. April news. 2016
1. 3 weekends back Burnum and Olo successfully completed their Bronze Wings test and today Kevin did the same. Congratulations to all of them. I have posted the boys application form already and I will send Kevin’s tomorrow. The wings badges will be back while I am away – sorry , you will have to wait.
Today Louis achieved complete solo flight with hand launch, throttle control, circuits and landings as well as some loops. Congratulations to Louis.
Ian is also flying really well and making good landings on the strips.

2. I wish I had a good camera. last Sunday as I was circling my glider low down in a thermal 4 wedge tail eagles joined me. A great sight.

3. I will be away for the next 7- 8 weeks.. You will have to decide when to start afternoon flying as the fogs will be rolling in very soon and someone will have to bring the milk.

4. The annual fees become due at the end of June and I assume they will be much the same as last year. I will email the exact amounts and collect them as soon as I get back. Could you please pay either by cash ( preferable) or by cheque made out to me. I run the club accounts through my teachers account as there are no fees or charges.

5. I sprayed more weed killer around the tyres and oiled the combination lock on the clubhouse so it opens easily now.

6. Steve, I have left Ian’s envelope on the table in the clubhouse.

7. These emails will also now appear on the club website, thanks again to Michael.

8. The club trainer aircraft have been charged up. With good weather for the next few weeks the gliders should make some good flights using either the bungee or club winch. The bungee is in a couple of plastic bags and the winch will need a battery to drive it though. You will have to supply your own fuel for the boomerang. Check the battery status before using them.

See you at the field

Street parade 26.3.16

Our float and the street parade was a great success in perfect weather.
Thanks to Kevin for the use of his truck and trailer and all those who helped with setting up, dismantling and walking with the float.
Thanks again to Michael who has added several photos and made the club website look very professional.
I have left 2 DVD’s of the parade and a few photos on ordinary paper at the clubhouse. Please borrow the DVD’s and make a copy at home then return the disc to the clubhouse. If you would like a photo or photos I can email them, from my iPad, so you can print a copy onto decent paper at home.
See you at the field

Cooma Parade Update 23rd March 2016

Kevin and I have just been to the meeting that was well organized, precise and brief. There are 54 different groups and 250 people involved. We are using Kevin’s ute as the tow vehicle.

Our float is number 32. Steve has volunteered to be the walker ( a requirement) and will carry an A3 placard displaying our number. An announcer will give a brief description about our float as it enters the roundabout at Mack’s corner. steve will also have club flyers to hand out, if anyone is interested. Ian has volunteered to ride shotgun with Kevin.
I will do my best to video / photo our float and the parade. Our float starts on the Commissioner st side of Sharp st then single file from the bridge to Soho st.

The parade runs in Sharp st only from Bradley st to Soho st and disperses from there into Creek st or boundary st. It starts at 3 pm and finishes at 4 pm.

Kevin and I will set the frame up on the trailer on Thursday afternoon.

If each member brings at least one model on Saturday morning, starting about 9 am, and assists in fixing to the frame with cable ties we should finish by midday. I will have a sausage sizzle and soft drinks/ tea/ coffee at my place for any member that wishes to stay. If you intend to stay please either email or ring me (64525484) so I can organize catering.

The float will return to my place where members can help remove their models.

There is an electric glider competition over the 4 days of Easter at the NAAS field south of Canberra on the road to Adaminaby. I may go up on the Sunday. I will have 3 or 4 spare seats if anybody is interested in going. I would leave my place about 9am and be back about 5 pm.

See you at the parade


Update 10th March 2016

1. I have spoken to Greg and we both agree that slope soaring this Sunday will be cancelled as the wind will be too light and showers are very likely. We will be flying in the morning ,as normal, in Cooma provided the weather is OK here. We will have to set another date for slope soaring to suit most members.

2. A very special thank you to our most recent member, Michael Vorstermans, who has developed a website for our club. It is up and running and more photos, information etc will be added as it becomes available. I took the liberty of giving the website a name and hope you don’t mind. The website is www.cooma-aeromodellers.org.au/
However just Cooma Aeromodellers will get you in. If you have any suggestions for additions or alterations please let me or Michael know.

3. Peter Williams has been building a 1/7.5 scale model of an English Electric Lightning fighter. It has taken about 5 years and is beautifully built and detailed. It will be on display, as part of an art show, in the Jindabyne memorial hall during the 4 days of Easter. I have seen this model and it is definitely worth a visit if possible.

See you at the field


Welcome to Phoenix Model Aero Club

PMAC offers a relaxed flying environment for flying electric and internal-combustion radio-controlled model aircraft. Our club provides help for beginners and welcomes new members.

We have many members willing to assist in setting up new models and provide flying assistance – most are also members of the Cooma Men’s Shed. If you are thinking of taking up the hobby, but are unsure about things, please feel free to come along and see what we do.